About me

Source: Interview with Nicole Lane for Vagabond City


A Berlin-based illustrator who is iconic for his black and white drawings. In his work, sensuality and surrealism come together. Women play a leading role in Karim’s drawings, he creatively plays with their hair and turns them into different elements, a river, a sea or the cosmos itself.


What inspires you to create?

I really love art and get inspired by so many things that it’s impossible for me not to sketch or draw. I basically can visualize my feelings and opinions.


How do you create your work? Do you work in a studio? How often are you illustrating?

If an idea pops up in my head, I try to do some small sketches first, once I’m happy with it, I start with the actual drawing. I work at home. A studio is not really necessary, as I don’t need much space. I try to finish an illustration every week, but sometimes I’m working on commissions and therefore I can’t work on my own drawings.


Did you study art? How did you find your own personal style?

Yes, I studied art. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Design/ Illustration in 2016. I liked working with ink before I even started studying art, I guess I just feel very comfortable with the medium.


Your work is black and white. Can you discuss this stylistic choice of negative and positive space and how it works within your vision?

Black and white illustrations have a simple but yet a strong visual effect. Even though I use only black and white and basically draw simple lines, people still understand the story behind them.